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Home of High School Guided Inquiry Physics Lesson Plans

On this site you will find a wealth of resources for teaching high school physics more effectively using guided inquiry lesson plans.  I have designed a guided inquiry physics curriculum that will allow teachers to...

  • Lecture less.
  • Enjoy their job more.
  • Increase student performance.
  • Make their classes more enjoyable for students.
  • Have their students work harder than they do!
  • Have more time to devote to preparing labs and demonstrations.
  • etc, etc.
You can download free guided inquiry physics lesson plans for your physics classes.
High school physics guided inquiry lesson plans are very effective. Teaching high school physics by guided inquiry has never been easier. So, explore the site. Download the available sample guided inquiry lessons. Read about how easy it is to teach with guided inquiry. There's even a video to explain how I use guided inquiry in my high school classroom. You owe it to yourself and your high school physics students! Feel free to contact me with questions.

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Students remember 90% of what they teach someone else!

How often do your students do the teaching?